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NOTE: Much like these projects, this page is still under active development.


Departure boards are often the hallmark of iconic transportation systems, so much so that the signs often become icons themselves. However, there’s a lack of clarity, information, and unification across systems and designs. That’s where Multiboard comes in.

Powered by Python and Flask, Multiboard integrates with more than 15 of North America’s largest transportation systems to provide users with a customizable, visually-appealing, and powerful departure board for any station in the system.

Multiboard: it’s your multi-tool for transit system departure boards.


Transportation planners have relied on “stringline” diagrams since the dawn of the profession given their easy ability to visually convey factors like frequency, headway, speed, single-track conflicts, and more. But instead of needing a straight-edge, ruler, and pushpins, Stringliner is here to produce stringline diagrams for the modern era.

Using the industry-standard GTFS data format for transportation information, along with a separate inventory of location mileposts, Stringliner can produce a multitude of stringline visualizations with customizations for locations to plot; stop markers; coloring by line, direction, or trip; the addition of reference marker locations, and more. BYO GTFS, use the existing milepost references, or add your own. You’re only minutes away from easy stringline visualizations, just without the expensive software cost as is typical in the industry.

Amtrak Train Notifications

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GPS Data Auditor

GPS Data Auditor