Ever wonder about crimes that are officially the law but seldom enforced? How about the crime of jaywalking?

Largely the norm until the advent of the car, the criminalization of walking in the street was a more modern development. However, its importance as a crime relative to the state of Massachusetts is quite apparent from the penalties.

The punishment for jaywalking anywhere statewide? A fine of $1. How about a repeat offense? Also $1. Third offense? $1. What about further offenses? That’s where the fine not only increases, it DOUBLES… to a whopping $2.

But, there is some reprieve. These offenses are only considered repeats if ticketed in the same calendar year as another ticket. At the beginning of a new calendar year, the “repeat counter” resets to zero for all persons statewide.

For more info, see M.G.L. ch.90 §18A.