Over the years I’ve written a number of blogs on a variety of topics. While numerous posts were relatively popular, for someone like myself with relatively diverse interests, I ultimately suspended them as I found it difficult to consistently write about a singular topic.

At the same time, friends and colleagues would frequently describe the vast amounts of miscellanea they would learn from random conversations in which I was involved. Fast forward to today.

Jeff’s Knowledge Nosh aims to address both issues. Here, you can expect a short daily snippet of knowledge in the vast amount of topics in which I find of interest. Be it business, technology, law, transportation, humor, or something else, this will hopefully satisfy your appetite for those random tidbits you’re used to encountering in a dialogue with myself.

And what term do you use to describe a small meal that’s able to satisfy your hunger? True to Jewish roots, of Yiddish etymology, that’s known as a nosh.