Showing Nearest Stations with Available Parking

Nudging Up Customer Service: Near-Term Fix

Problem, Classification, and Idea

While some SEPTA stations have expansive parking lots, the vast majority have a modest number of spaces. Unfortunately, at some of these stations, parking regularly fills by a certain point of time during the day. As a result, customers are often left to circle the parking lot wondering where they could park their car. Offering a direct answer to this problem, directions to a nearby station with parking, would solve this common conundrum facing a large number of passengers.


By and large, SEPTA knows which lots tend to be filled and tend to have spaces open on the average weekday. As a result, stations should have signage listing both the nearest station as well as the general parking availability at that station. Moreover, signage should be posted offering directions for customers from the parking lot of one station to the parking lot of another. This entire project would not cost much (as the sole expense would be the signage affixed to poles in the lots) and would go a long way to improve customer service (with regard to parking availability).

Notes & Graphics

This implementation has the potential to harm Customer Service in terms of safety and security at stations. If customers find no available parking and follow the directions to the nearest station with available parking (rather than driving to work), they could potentially run for their train (creating a dangerous situation for the customer and the SEPTA employees).

Next Steps

  • Conduct a survey to determine how parking affects Regional Rail customers.
  • Test new signage at some stations to see if there are any comments.
  • Create a map of stations and parking availability (almost to serve as a regional rail station dashboard).