Install Station Entrance Globes

Nudging Up Customer Service: Long-Term Solution

Problem, Classification, and Idea

For years, “entrance globes” have adorned each of the MTA NYCT’s subway station entrances. These globes not only make it easy to locate station entrances, but also make it easy to determine if a station entrance is open at all times or only part time. While Philadelphia has begun installing similar “Green Lollipops” throughout the Center City district, expanding them to all stations could help with SEPTA branding in addition to making it easy to ride given that entrance locations would be clearly marked.


The entrance markers located throughout Center City are great in that they designate where entrances are located. However, given their lighted status, they have the capability of doing much more than those found in NYC. Whereas the MTA uses two colors (green for open 24/7 and red for exit only or part-time entrance – the latter being formerly yellow), there is no method of changing an indication. In Philadelphia, SEPTA could easily harness the capability of these indicators to change from green to red upon a station or exit’s closure. Moreover, these signs could also replace those at Trolley Tunnel stops (with the newly-widespread SEPTA sign turning blue when trolleys are on diversion).


Next Steps

  • Meet with Real Estate to determine who owns the lights in the various stations.
  • Talk to Communications and Marketing about branding the signs as a key feature of SEPTA stations.
  • Work with EM&C to design the internal LED-indication mechanism.