Establish Procedures for Requesting High-Level Boarding

Nudging Up Customer Service: Long-Term Solution

Problem, Classification, and Idea

Outlying stations are increasingly being built with mini-high level platforms. Incidentally, however, these mini-highs are seldom used. There are instances where their use would clearly benefit customers, most notably for senior citizens or disabled patrons who take much time ascending/descending the train’s steps. Encouraging the use of these mini-high platforms could greatly benefit customers in terms of faster trips and more accessible transit for all.


A large part of why customers don’t use these platforms is that they do not know that they can nor do they know how they are able to. One method of enabling customers to request high-level boarding is through the use of an app which would notify the control center and conductor (via their NPT smartphone) that a customer would like to board the train at a high-level platform. For senior citizens, a relatively inexpensive physical implementation could be installed where a button would send the same signal to the computerized backend using the xFinity Wi-Fi already existing at many stations. Finally, the operation could also occur in a fashion similar to that of the NHSL (which uses lights for customers to request stops). All three of these would be moderately costly, but would go a long way to improving customer service for those who find difficulty with either ascending or descending steps.


Customer Comments (from VERITAS Tickets)

  • 625936: Customer requested mini-high with bridge plate, but conductor denied request stating “you can do it; you don’t need it.”
  • 660520: A problem exists for those in wheelchairs in that few employees have the proper bridge plate keys.
  • Speak with NHSL operations or maintenance people regarding the design and usage of the NHSL “stop at station” lights.

Next Steps

  • Determine how this information could be integrated with the RR Conductors’ handheld devices under NPT.
  • Speak with communications to design signage and brochures detailing how customers can save everyone time by using the mini-high platforms.