Enable Customers to Request More Boarding Time

Nudging Up Customer Service: Long-Term Solution

Problem, Classification, and Idea

One of the largest deterrents to senior citizens traveling on public transit is the constant motion of the vehicles. In order to make services more attractive to them, there should be a method by which customers can request additional time to board vehicles.


One of the easiest ways to allow customers to request additional boarding/exiting time on the regional rail is by having customers ask their conductor. On the MFL and BSL, the front of the train should be rebranded as the “Full Service Boarding Area.” This would give that portion of the platform a name which could be used across multiple purposed. Benches could be placed in this section, whereby a rule could be established requiring operators to wait for all customers to board who are in this area (i.e. seniors can remain seated until trains come to a stop and open their doors before standing). This term could also be used for the “Designated Bridge Plate Boarding Areas” and the marked areas for overnight fare payment, bringing this all together under one unified term.


Next Steps

  • Meet with operations to discuss the implementation of such an area.
  • Meet with communications to have signage and informational brochures designed to indicate, designate, and explain the program.