Enable Better Flow throughout Station Platforms

Nudging Up Customer Service: Medium-Length Projects

Problem, Classification, and Idea

Looking at any station during rush hour, one encounters a common problem: a large portion of the platform is often crowded with passengers while another portion remains empty. Seeking to encourage passengers to wait in some of these less-desirable areas, amenities should be located accordingly.


One of the most obvious ways to increase usage of these undesirable areas would involve adding or even relocating amenities to less-frequently used portions of the platforms. For example, at 40th Street on the MFL, there is often much crowding around the center of the platform. Making benches available in the less-desirable portions could help reduce crowding in some of these areas. Another way to decrease crowding and increase full-loading is through the use of platform indicators. Customers routinely like to stand away from the flow of traffic; adding designated walkways on platforms could enable customers to better congregate in the non-walkway areas of the platform. Amenities such as “leaning bars” could further enhance this waiting experience for customers. “Express Walkways” could also be added at City Hall for customers entering at the 15th Street side who need to walk along the MFL platform to the Broad Street Line (thereby reducing crowding and increasing customer service).


Next Steps

  • Test platform reconfiguration to see if this has any effect, if at all, on the platform and passenger movement. If successful, make design changes to any and all station renovations or reconstructions.