Designate Trains as Inbound/Outbound

Nudging Up Customer Service: Near-Term Fix

Problem, Classification, and Idea

“Does this train go to Warminster or Center City?” It’s a common question on SEPTA Regional Rail, and one also of concern on the Market-Frankford Line. Due to the great through-service of the SEPTA System, the majority of trains continue from one suburban point to another via Center City Philadelphia. In order to clarify which trains serve Center City, SEPTA should consider adopting an “Inbound”/”Outbound” designation system similar to that used by the MBTA.


Given the nature of such a change, not much would have to be done besides updating station signage to indicate which platforms go into Center City and which platforms head away. In addition, SLIV and Push-Pull Regional Rail trains could again utilize the lower destination sign slot to indicate such information. SLV trains could indicate this on their display signs through the colored-LED section used to display “EXP” (a section which is otherwise inactive).

Notes & Graphics

Figure 12: MBTA Commuter Rail Inbound Designation


Next Steps

  • Meet with Charles Tuzzo RE: Changing SLV signs to display this verbiage.
  • Meet with Communications to discuss potential benefits and challenges facing such a transition.