Add Train Approaching Signs and Warning Lights

Nudging Up Customer Service: Medium-Length Projects

Problem, Classification, and Idea

As previously mentioned, customers routinely stand too close to the platform edge when trains are approaching the station. This poses a serious threat to both customer safety and customer service. In order to remind customers to stand back, warning lights and/or signage should be installed at stations encouraging customers to remain behind the yellow line when a train is approaching.


Modeled upon the signs found at many NJ Transit stations, these signs would indicate when any train is approaching the station. This is especially important at stations on the Paoli/Thorndale line where express trains and high-speed Amtrak trains routinely pass through the station on the outer tracks. In order to minimize the cost of such a warning system, stations with pre-existing signage could be modified to include the “Train Approaching – Stand Back” signage and PA systems could be programmed to make an audible announcement to the same effect. The Only infrastructure required in this scenario would be track circuitry to indicate when a train is approaching the station. Alternatives to this technology could include onboard computer systems and GPS tracking; however the lack of uniform equipment technology would render the signs ineffective. Were “train approaching” lights to be implemented, the cost could also be shared with train “holding lights” described in one of the reports in this larger compilation.


Notes & Graphics

Figure 21: New Fixed Train Approaching Sign at Hamilton Station (NJ Transit NE Corridor Line)

Figure 22: Older Fixed Train Approaching Sign at MBTA's Framingham Station

Figure 23: Simple Lighted Train Approaching Sign at MBTA's Grafton Station

Figure 24: Train Approaching Text on Digital Display at MBTA's Readville Station