“Just a Nosh” — Tracking Jeff’s Deli Travels



If you’ve seen the “Tracking Tracks” page, you’ll know that complete transit systems quests are recorded and published on this website. This page has a similar purpose, but a different subject matter: Delis. Although a casual part of life, the deli quest would change forever one unassuming day in January, 2016. Since then, together with a fellow deli-explorer, we’ve set out to explore and rate the best deli encountered.

Click Map Pins for Names and Ratings:

Katz's Deli

Carnegie Deli

Harold's Deli

Hymie's Deli

The Kibitz Room

Hershel's East Side Deli

3G's Restaurant and Deli

Poppie's Restaurant and Deli

Grammercy Bagels & Deli

Downbeach Deli

Kaufman's Bagel & Delicatessen

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

Hall of Fame

Katz's Deli

Best Brisket Sandwich

3G's Deli and Restaurant

Best Chicken Soup

3G's Deli and Restaurant

Best Matzo Ball