Jeff’s West Coast Itinerary

Jeff’s West Coast Travel Itinerary

Tuesday, August 1

Time Event
12:05pm A174: 30th » EWR (ar 1:09pm; #F6LC87)
3:05pm UA131: EWR » SEA (ar 6:10pm Pacific)
6:15pm SEPTA YAC Conference Call / Ride Seattle Link (South to Angel Lake, then North to Northern End)
7:30pm Arrive UW / Husky Stadium Station [Seattle Link Complete]
Eve TBD with Adam Kirsh

Wednesday, August 2

Time Event
Morning Travel Downtown; Space Needle?; Pike Place Market?
9am 545 Bus to Redmond; See Microsoft Visitor Center
11:30am Lunch with Michelle and Deep at Microsoft
1pm 545 Bus to Seattle King Street Station
2:32pm Sounder 1507 to Tacoma Dome [Sounder Ride Complete]
3:23pm Ride Tacoma Link to End and Back to Dome [Tacoma Link Complete]
4:30pm Sounder 1522; Arrive King Street at 5:28
5:30pm Split Uber with Adam Kirsh to Goldberg’s
6pm Goldberg’s Famous Deli w/ Adam Kirsh and Nicole Woon [Official Deli Run]
Eve Possibly More Downtown Seattle Stuff

Thursday, August 3

Time Event
8:30ish Bus to Museum of Flight via Downtown Seattle (~1hr 15min)
10am Museum of Flight until 1:30pm
1:45pm Uber to Tukwila Amtrak Station
2:24pm Cascades A507: Tukwila » Portland (ar 5:50pm; #063848) [Cascades Trip]
6pm Dinner and Explore Downtown Portland w/ Andrew

Friday, August 4

Time Event
Early AM Take Stuff to Yee HH
10:30am Travel to Downtown Portland
12:21pm YL/OR: Expo Center » SE Park (ar 1:21pm)
1:29pm Orange: SE Park » Pioneer Square (ar 1:59pm)
2:16pm Blue: Pioneer Square » Hatfield (ar 3:07)
3:16pm Blue: Hatfield » Beaverton TC (ar 3:47)
4:05pm WES: Beaverton » Wilsonville (ar 4:32)
4:45pm Uber to Yee House
5pm Lake Oswego Excursion

Saturday, August 5

Time Event
11am Leave Yee HH and Travel to Gateway Transit Center
1:36pm Blue: Gateway » Cleveland Ave (ar 2:01pm)
2:09pm Blue: Cleveland Ave » Gateway (ar 2:35pm)
2:48pm Green: Gateway » Clackamas (ar 3:04pm)
3:14pm Green: Clackamas » Gateway (ar 3:31pm)
3:43pm Red: Gateway » PDX (ar 3:56pm) [Tri-Met MAX and WES Complete]
4pm Pre-Flight Time
6:05pm VX948: PDX » SFO (ar 7:45pm)
8:13pm 398 Bus: SFO » Belmont Caltrain (ar 8:35pm)
8:56pm Caltrain 438: Belmont » Mountain View (ar 9:29pm)

Sunday, August 6

Time Event
8:30pm Walk to Mountain View Caltrain Station w/ Adam Zachar
8:59am Caltrain 423: Mountain View » Milbrae (ar 9:53am)
10:01am BART YL: Milbrae » Pittsburg / Bay Point (ar 11:32am)
11:37am BART YL: Pittsburg » MacArthur (ar 12:15pm)
12:17pm BART RD: MacArthur » Richmond (ar 12:36pm)
12:55pm BART Richmond » Coliseum (ar 1:40pm)
1:45pm AirBART to OAK (ar 1:53pm)
2:00pm AirBART to Coliseum (ar 2:08pm)
2:28pm Coliseum to Dublin/Plesanton (ar 2:52pm)
3:01pm Dublin/Plesanton to Bay Fair (ar 3:19pm)
3:20pm Bay Fair » Warm Springs (ar 3:44pm) [BART Complete]
PM San Jose? Intel Museum?

Monday, August 7

Time Event
8:04am Baby Bullet Train to San Francisco (ar 8:51am)
Morning Activate Visitor Passport; Muni Metro, Golden Gate Bridge
Midday Cable Cars and Cable Car Museum
Early PM Embarcadero
PM Train to San Jose
6pm Board Games with Luna and TTR Group

Tuesday, August 8

Time Event
Day Open for Lunch Meetings, Last Minute Sightseeing, etc.
Noon Switch to Eastern Time Zone
Early PM Move Stuff from Adam/David’s to Catherine’s
8:45pm Eastern YAC Conference Call
10pm Eastern (7pm Pacific) EARLY BED!!!

Wednesday, August 9

Time Event
7am Eastern (4am Pacific) Depart for SJC
9:30am Eastern (6:30am Pacific) UA138: SJC » ORD (ar 12:46pm Central)
2:47pm Eastern (1:47pm Central) UA664: ORD » PHL (ar 5:07pm)
5:39pm Airport Line to Suburban (ar 6:05pm)