Jeff has made it known that someday he would like to be the Secretary of Transportation. Working with him during his internship here at Amtrak, we are confident that this will become reality.

Frank Vacca

Former Chief Engineer, Amtrak

Jeff is uniquely enthusiastic, particularly on the topics of management and engineering, and he is not afraid to share his ideas with others and welcomes the opportunity to engage in thought provoking discussions. Jeff is always growing, always challenging himself, and always giving his best effort. In all my interactions with Jeff I have found it is not in his nature to rest on his laurels or shy away from challenges, especially those that take hard work and persistence to overcome. He has more than his share of those life skills that are hard to measure but essential to academic and moral growth and to success.

Pattie Kerins

Manager, Human Capital, Amtrak

Mr. Kessler is a well-rounded, hard-working individual with a combination of intellect, compassion, perseverance and creativity rarely seen in today’s younger generation. He demonstrates unparalleled leadership skills coupled to a rarified sophistication for analysis, science learning and mentorship sharing his passion for learning and entrepreneurship. Jeff’s creativity is surpassed only by his drive and commitment to making things better and more efficient.

Frederic Bertley

VP of Science & Innovation, The Franklin Institute

Jeff has a strong work ethic, excellent communication, research and technical skills beyond what I am able to describe. He is motivated and knowledgeable and always ready to learn and experience what he does not know.

Nilda Rivera-Frazier

Manager, Communications, SEPTA

Current Sampling Listed Below

I’ve received great feedback from the many things I’ve done. Below, you’ll find a sampling of some testimonials & compliments I’ve received on Twitter.




You are My Hero


He works hard for us.


They should bring him back as a paid consultant!


It has been a pleasure to meet you this weekend. Thank you for so many resources. You and your team have done a great job


Thank you for your service


I challenge you to find concierge at 4star hotel that’s better than @educoncierge Pointed me to a restaurant w/exactly what I wanted


Thanks team @educoncierge for everything you do.


If @jeffk8 was in charge of Amtrak, I suspect the airport train would not be running late 🙂 Thx for all of your help this wkend!


That kid can’t quit! He gave me a printed map of concourse C & train table.


Thanks Jeff. Congratulations and thank you for being such a great leader and learner at #educon – all the best in the years ahead


Thanks for all you do for #educon. Really.


Thanks!  Once again, thanks for coordinating so well and talking exceptional care of us edufolks 🙂


You do more than try my friend.  You succeed!


Thank you for everything. You made my great educon experience even better. What you do for others is truly appreciated.


it’s true @educoncierge pretty much trumps all 🙂


Just got your directions. You are truly a treasure! Thank you!


Big thanks to @jeffk8 for helping out while I am away in Canada… so wonderful to have such a capable and dependable Student Asst. Teacher!


.@jeffk8 for the next Secretary of Transportation!


Congrats Jeff! I have no doubt you will do great things!


Love that @jeffk8 just got a shout-out at #ISTE12. Audience member talked about him at #educon.


When I grow up, I wanna work for @jeffk8.


Dunno where I would be with @jeffk8


You must interview @jeffk8 SLA12 grad.  Jeff is an amazing young man.


<3 him


Colleges need to hear what @jeffk8 is saying about learning and engagement


Thank you for the engaging and impactful talk 🙂


Really enjoyed your lightning presentation! Awesome job.


Had a great time learning a bit about Philly from @educoncierge before leaving #iste11 yesterday. Very intelligent, kind young man


Had a great conversation with @jeffk8 today. Smartest 16 year old I’ve ever met. Great education insight.


Wasn’t Jeff incredible! I think @mwacker said it best:”I heart @educoncierge.”


If you have not met the @educoncierge you are really missing something. This young man gets learning. Awesome job, Jeff!


I am convinced that no one knows more about leveraging social networking tha Jeff the @educoncierge


My wife is amazed at my Boston Logan navigation skills. “how do you know all this?” she asked. “@educoncierge,” I replied


That young man rocks like nobody’s business.


If you have not met the @educoncierge you are really missing something. This young man gets learning. Awesome job, Jeff!


I knew you’d know the answer. You truly are Mr. Public Transit.


I missed you at #iste11. How’s your quest to become the Sec. of Transportation coming along? (You’ve got my vote!)


Ray LaHood on Nightly News discussing high speed rail. Thought of u Mr Future Secretary of Transportation


Coolest kid ever! So great to meet you Jeff!


Thanks for your help! You know your stuff…made our trip back to the airport a breeze. What a difference 1 person can make!


You’re an Incredible young man! Enjoyed hearing about your projects-looking forward to following you!


What an awesome kid! http://youtu.be/VJY4Wqeu5Jg


Amazing Priority Baggage Service from ‘s Jeff. Students at MAKE this get-together.


Thanks for such a gracious departure. Only 14 minutes from SLA to airport.


Thanks to @chrislehmann and students at SLA for a great #educon Bags packed, team in the van w/all baggage. Thanks @educoncierge Jeff!


Meet the Philly SLA @educoncierge Jeff! http://bit.ly/f9dgO4 Who generously may be avail for #ISTE11 for tours !! Brilliant idea!


I LOVED him!


Wasn’t JeffK the COOLEST!? Innovative Twitter Use! @educoncierge for #ISTE11


Just wanna say , “Good Job!” to #educon team and @educoncierge. Really looking fwd to next two days.


Donated to river trip fund in recognition of hard work of @educoncierge (@jeffknj8) & all SLA stus at #educon


You so rock! Directions are fantastic!


.@msstewart and I are already planning on a donation as a thank you to @educoncierge! Jeff rules.


Tell the students they were incredible, especially @educoncierge


Thx for help! We are thru and settled waiting for flight.


Thanks for your helpfulness this weekend.


Thanks so much for ALL your help this weekend. Fabulous service!


Thanks @educoncierge for pointing me toward the awesome history project by SLA #iste11


On the train to 30th St station and home. Thanks Philly & @educoncierge for a great #iste11!


You are awesome….thanks for hanging out with me.


Listening to @jeffk8 (aka @educoncierge) talk passionately about #SBG at #SLA. Love seeing students who care about learning. #iste11


Glad to have @jeffk8 at our Edubloggercon session discussing Standards Based Assessment at SLA. #ebc11 #ISTE11


Just joined @EduConcierge and his conversation at #EBC11


Score! @jeffk8 aka @educoncierge showed up at The Franklin Institute to show @thenerdyteacher and I around. #eduawesome #eduscience


@jeffk8 is dedicated & amazing.


@jeffk8 is a pretty amazing you man.


gr8 to meet u today in the newbie lounge. U r a very talented young man:)


PBL/Interdisciplinarity session- @dlaufenberg just displayed a proj by our friend, @educoncierge. 🙂 #iste11


Great ideas from @jeffk8 student at SLA


.@jeffk8 is doing a nice job running the session. Interesting to hear about #SLA student projects. #EBC11


Gr8 quote via @jeffk8 ” Technology should be ubiquitous and invisible” in classrooms. #ebc11


Thank you for the great tour of Philly — you’re the best! #iste11 #ebc11


Thanks @jeffk8 for the awesome recommendation for lunch.


Took your advice on original turkey. Now as I leave the city craving it, I’m not so sure I should have listened! Haha #havetogoback


@jeffk8 gave me full directions.


Thrilled to be sitting between @scottykot and @jeffk8 at the keynote


Love this Building History project that @educoncierge is talking about! #EBC11


Riding on the train to the airport w/ @kylepace. Thanks to @jeffk8 for the help & @ShanaAtDS & @NataliaatDS for seeing us off. #heartthem


You’re so stinkin awesome.


Thank you! I should have know contacting you would be the quickest answer.


Jeff you rock:) I can’t imagine not having you to weigh in & share ur vast amount of knowledge! #youareonesmartcookie


Our favorite #EduTourguide!


Taking off soon. Thanks, Philly, for a great ISTE conf. Big thanks to local friends @mbteach and @jeffk8 for hospitality!


This guy –> @educoncierge has MADE our Philly #iste11 trip. Thank you so much @jeffk8! #FF #EduAdorable


Thanks for a great time Jeff!


Thanks to @educoncierge for all the travel advice!


Wow, you are impressive Jeff. Thanks for the quick response.


On the train to 30th St station and home. Thanks Philly & @educoncierge for a great #iste11!